Thanksgiving Food

Thanksgiving Turkey Treats

It’s almost Turkey Time friends!!  So in honor of the big day I thought I’d share a couple Thanksgiving Turkey Treats that I thought would be perfect for the whole family!  They’re fun and adorable, and if you’re lucky, the cuteness factor will even convince the kids to help you make them!

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shark cakes

Shark Week Party with Homemade Shark Cupcakes

Guess what?!  It’s SHARK WEEK!!!  Do you guys celebrate it like we do in this house??  Maybe you have a summer themed party coming up?  Or perhaps just a little shark lover at home looking for some shark shaped treats for their upcoming birthday?  Well I got you, Girl!  Or Boy! These shark cupcakes are adorable and are sure to WOW the crowd!  I’ve also included some adorable shark-themed party decorations and favors to help make your bash a hit!

Two things to note before we start:

  1. I am not a Baker. 😂
  2. This is not my recipe, and I just followed the instructions of the New York Times Best Selling Book Hello, Cupcake! 

I say those things for you to know that I am just an average joe trying to make some fun summer cupcakes.  And if I can do it….you can DEFINITELY do it!


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Homemade Ice Cream

Homemade Ice Cream + Fun Bonus Tie Dye Projects

Summer is in full swing at the Cantu Household and it seems like I’m constantly scouring the internet for fun, hands-on ways to entertain the kids.  This year, for the first time, we created a summer bucket list!  That has definitely helped me in my attempt to keep the boredom at bay!  So this week we’re tackling 2 items on our list: making HOMEMADE ice cream, and completing a tie dye project!  (And thanks to our Walmart+ Membership, I didn’t even have to leave the house to prep for them! 😂) You can probably guess which one was my idea ✌🏼🎨. Oh, and don’t forget, I always share more close ups and details in my Instagram stories so you can head over there for more cray too 😉.

Our summer bucket list

Summer Bucket List

ALSO, A HUGE THANKS TO Walmart+ FOR SPONSORING TODAY’S POST AND HELPING US create these summertime memories

Homemade Ice cream

Making homemade ice cream has been on my personal bucket list for awhile now…ever since a friend of mine made buttered rum ice cream.  SO GOOD!!  But I knew this was a little project that the kids would love too, so we decided to add it to our Summer Bucket List!

Buuuut…unfortunately, we didn’t have anything we needed to actually MAKE the ice cream, so what did we do?  Logged into our Walmart+ account and ordered alllll the things!  That’s one of my favorite things about our Walmart+ membership….you can get same-day delivery from your local store (for groceries and such, $35 minimum & restrictions apply so just check out the benefits in your area), or you can order your goodies from, get FREE SHIPPING, no order minimum (excludes freight & Marketplace items) and super fast delivery!  It’s the best of both worlds!
Homemade Ice Cream

So that’s what we did! We got our creams, milks, fruits, toppings, etc. delivered and ordered our brand new ice cream maker (this is the one we chose, the reviews are AWESOME) from with FREE shipping.  And then we got to work!


By the way, if you’ve ever not your own homemade ice cream because you were afraid of how much work it would be (guilty 🙋🏻‍♀️), rest assured, this contraption does all the heavy lifting for you!  It’s so easy to use!  You just dump in the ingredients, mix it up, and stuff your face!! If you’re looking for a slightly more affordable option, here’s another really cute one!

See!  So easy! (Well, except the one little strawberry pouring mishap 😂).

Serve it up

And because it was so easy, we each made our own favorite flavor and then served it up buffet style!  This little ice cream board is the perfect setup up for a party, get together, or even just movie night!  We had so much fun with this one!

Homemade Ice Cream

And yes…it is ice cream and it does melt so you have to be quick about it! Lol.  I set up my whole board and just left the ice cream out of the bowls until I was ready to serve.  Then you add the ice cream and your guests (or in my case my little minions) can build their own sundae!

Homemade Ice Cream


And as you can see, E wasted no time digging in! 😂


Bucket List Item #2: Tie Die All The Things

I’m not gonna lie, this bucket list item has been something my kids have been asking to do FOREVER….and I’ve been putting off because of the cleanup 😂.  It actually wasn’t bad though!  Just make sure you have a tablecloth and gloves and you’re golden!

My son and daughter both chose to do shoes!  They saw the idea when I shared my Summer Activities for Kids {Educational & All Under $25} post just a few weeks ago.  They loved the idea of being able to design their own shoes! So we ordered some plain white ones through our Walmart+ membership (gotta love that Free Shipping) and went to town! (If you wanna see the video, go check my Instagram stories—you can see the whole process there)

Didn’t they do a great job?!  If you’re wondering how we kept the white parts white….painter’s tape!  Here’s what I mean:
Tie Dye Shoes

Made all the difference!

I will say, some of the dye still leaked below the tape in places but all we did was take a cleaning spray and a paper towel and wipe them clean! Came right off!  I’d suggest doing this while the shoes and dye are still wet though.

We also got some leakage down into the shoe but that didn’t bother any of us at all because you’ll never see that when the kids are wearing them.  If that bother’s you, you may want to add something inside to the show to protect the sole before you get started with the dye.

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Checking Things Off!

Well that’s it!  Two more items crossed off our summer bucket list!

Homemade Ice Cream

We had so much fun with these projects because they were so hands on!  The kids had such a blast and were entertained for ours!

Oh, and don’t forget to check out Walmart+ like I mentioned before!  Our membership has just made life so much easier! I didn’t even have to leave my house to get everything we needed for these projects!!  Plus, I get all my groceries delivered straight to my house (same delivery at that, from my local store!), and I get free shipping on SO MANY items online.  Not to mention the mobile scan & go streamlines the shopping process in-store, and the member fuel prices save us money each week!  Make sure to check out the benefits in your area when you sign up! You WILL NOT regret it!

What’s on your summer bucket list??  If you complete either of these projects make sure to tag me!

Talk soon buddies!

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Healthy Oat Muffins

Healthy Oat Muffins (No Flour, No Sugar, and Only a Few Ingredients)

So apparently I missed the boat on sharing the recipe for these Healthy Oat Muffins with you guys a couple weeks ago!  My bad!  I took all the video and could have sworn I shared it on my Instagram page…but apparently…I did not.

Healthy Oat Muffins

So instead, I figured I’d throw a blog post together so you can see the video of me actually making them!  The best thing about these (besides how healthy and delicious they are) is that they only require a few ingredients, are super easy to make, AND can be customized with your favorite toppings.

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Perfect unicorn cake for little girl's birthday

Parties & Celebrations {Part 1} — DIY Unicorn Cake

I’ve been promising y’all forever that I was going to start a blog series on parties, events, and cake decorating!  Well, finally, here it is!!  Part 1!!  If you guys follow me on Instagram, then you probably already know that we (my mom, MIL and me) just made my daughter THE COOLEST two-tiered unicorn cake for her 6th birthday.  The amazing response I got after sharing that cake is what finally made me sit down & start this series!! So THANK Y’ALL!!!

I’m so excited to share with you guys over the next few weeks, some of the parties me, my mom, and my sister have hosted together and/or for each other, and for our littles over the last 5+ years!  I hope y’all enjoy!!

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