The Best Gift You Could Give

ALSO, A HUGE THANKS TO WALMART+ FOR SPONSORING TODAY’S POST AND HELPING US Make the holiday season magical for those we love

I’ve done it y’all.  I have figured out the BEST gift you could possibly give someone this holiday season.  You’re thinking “no way”, right?  But I really have.  You wanna know what it is???


It’s the gift of TIME!!  I mean doesn’t everyone want (and frankly, NEED) more time!  I don’t know anyone in my life that doesn’t wish they had more time on their hands.
So.  I’m sure you wondering how, exactly, could we possibly give the gift of time.  It’s simple.  We help take away a few of the looong, mundane, time-consuming responsibilities  we all have as adults, parents, etc., so that the people we love can replace them with the things they WANT to be doing! Like reading, exercising, playing with their kids, going to see a movie! Whatever! It’s their time, and you just gifted them more of it!

Okay, so if you’re still wondering HOW??? The answer is…gift them a Walmart+ Membership.  It’s not crazy….hear me out here.

The best gift ever

It’s been no secret that over the past 18 months or so I’ve been obsessed with my Walmart+ Membership.  But do you know WHY?  It’s not just because they have unlimited free delivery from my local store ($35 min., restrictions apply), or because I get member prices on fuel, or because Mobile Scan & Go is awesome, (although I do LOOOOOVE all those membership benefits).  It’s because it has given me TIME back in my life!

I don’t spend hours a month at the grocery store.  I don’t spend hours every month behind the windshield driving from here to there to make sure everyone in the family has what they need.  Instead, I spend a few minutes, filling my online cart, and then my order simply shows up.  No dealing with crowds, no waiting in lines, no driving all over town, no sitting in traffic.  Just click and bam.  It’s at my door. (Did I mention that by default I also save money on gas…) ☺️

And if you’re still not convinced, let’s take a look at this past year in review.  Here are just a few of the amazing things I’ve been able to accomplish this year thanks to my Walmart+ Membership.  Which one was your FAVE???

A year in review

Was it That time we had groceries and activities delivered straight to our campsite?

Or that time we made shark cupcakes for our shark week party?

Or maybe IT was
last Christmas when I made my mom’s homemade fudge recipe and got stuff to decorate cookies for Santa?

Perhaps it was when we made our own homemade ice cream bar?? ( I’m pretty sure this was the kids’ favorite 🤩)

Or maybe it was when we created our beautiful and fresh summer tablescape for those fabulous pool parties!

Was it when we finally found luggage for our Europe trip? Or when i decorated for fall too early? 😂

Or maybe it was when the dead delivered all my ingredients to make my Spooky Halloween Tray.

Or could it have been my most recent super sweet Thanksgiving Spread??

Hopefully you guys get the idea here. 😂 I’ve used my Walmart+ Membership countless times this year and it has given me so much more time back in my life!  I just want you to do the same for yourself!  You deserve it!!!

Not only is the membership convenient, but the groceries (and more) arrive fresh, quickly, and exactly when/where I need them to!  So do yourself, and your loved ones a favor this month, and give them time back in their busy lives!  I promise, they will LOVE you for it!!

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Happy Holidays Friends! I love you guys!

My Rustic Retreat Signing Off

Holiday Gift Guides

The holiday season is upon us my friends!  And per ushe, I’m so FREAKIN’ pumped! Believe it or not, this year I’m actually ahead of the game too (which never happens)!  Not only have I made my shopping lists, but I’ve actually already started buying gifts and crossing things off!  Can I get a high five?! Now I know not everyone is a naturally gifted gift-giver like me (sarcasm), so I thought I’d put together a few holiday gift guides to help get those lists goin’ for y’all.

I broke them down into categories for y’all too in the hopes it makes things even easier!  Now if you follow me on Instagram you already know my philosophy on shopping—IT SHOULDN’T BREAK THE BANK!  So, having said that, everything I’m sharing today is from Walmart Home!  The great thing about that is that you’ll have a great selection of gift ideas to choose from (from traditional to nostalgic and everything in between) plus you know you’ll be getting a great deal!  Oh, and you can even grab a few things for yourself if you’re the one hosting this holiday season!  They really have great, affordable options for everyone on your list!

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Target Christmas Decor

My Target Christmas Decor Picks

Morning guys!  We’re headed to our last soccer game of the season today (it’s so bittersweet) but before we head out, I finally wanted to share my Target Christmas Decor picks for this year!!  Per usual, they have some adorable things!  My favorites being those somewhat neutral finds that you can use year after year, AND even keep them up after Christmas to use them as “winter decor”!

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DIY Christmas Tree Stand

DIY Christmas Tree Box with Raised Platform {+ Discount Code}

Okay so you’ve found the PERFECT Christmas tree, and you’ve been searching high and low for that box stand that will go with it perfectly…..annnnnnd you come up short again and again.   That’s EXACTLY what happened to me!  I finally found my perfect tree for our foyer in the new house, (it’s the King of Christmas 10′ King Douglas Fir Slim ) and I just could not find the right Christmas tree box to match it.  So, when ya can’t find it, DIY it!!


Please Ignore the Plug 🙂 

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Easy Neutral Holiday Tablescape

One of my FAVORITE things to decorate for the holidays (or any season really) is my dining room table!  There’s just something about tablescapes that make me feel all warm & fuzzy!  Whether I’m hosting for Christmas or not, I still love to dress up my table.  Just makes the whole room feel so warm & magical!!

This year, when I was planning our table setup in my head, greens and garlands just kept poppin’ in there.  So I went with it!  That became the mental (and literal) centerpiece with which I designed everything around.  Now, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel here!  If you plan to replicate or pull inspiration from what I’m about to show, FEEL FREE TO USE WHATEVER GARLANDS YOU ALREADY HAVE!!  No need to go buy more, trust me, I know how expensive they can be!  Just use whatever you have lying around!  And if it’s not full enough or “interesting” enough for you.  I’ll show you some ways to dress it up, without breaking the bank! 😉  That’s actually exactly what I did with mine.

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Pottery Barn Gift Guide & Great Holiday Steals UNDER $50!!!

Hi Friends!!

So, as I’m sure you know, over the past few weeks I’ve shared a few holiday round ups from some of our FAVE budget friendly places to shop.  Well, as much as I LOVE those retailers, I also wanted to put something together for y’all that might be a little more “gift giving friendly”.  Not that giving (or getting) gifts from Target isn’t fabulous, BECAUSE IT IS!!!  But I know sometimes, for Christmas we try & step up our game a little bit for certain people in our lives (Moms, Mother in Laws, Best Friends, Sisters, Grandmothers, Favorite Aunts, etc.)

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The Best Target Holiday Decor

Okay so I know it took me a little longer than planned to get this out to you guys (so sorry! Y’all know hosting out-of-town family for Thanksgiving can be a little cray. Fun, but cray).  But anyway, it’s ready now!!  And I’m not gonna lie.  Narrowing this down to just a few items was SO HARD!!! I’m a Target junkie!!  Seriously, I love EVERYTHING in that store.

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Affordable Wal-Mart Christmas Finds: Part 2, Neutral Edition

So after a slight delay, I FINALLY finished my Affordable Christmas Finds from Wal-Mart (The Neutral Edition)!!  You guys loved the Buffalo Plaid round-up so much I just knew I needed to put one together for my neutral-lovin’ folks out there.

Most of the items I chose are pretty self-explanatory as far as decorating goes, so I’ll keep this short & sweet today!  However, if you do happen to have any questions about styling them, etc., please feel free to ask me in the comments below!! Have fun decorating friends!! Continue reading

Affordable Wal-Mart Christmas Finds: Buffalo Plaid Edition

If you’re feelin’ the Buffalo Plaid pattern for Christmas this year, boy do I have a treat for you!! I’ve rounded up some ADORABLE buffalo check holiday decor, and guess what….it’s ALL from WAL-MART!!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼  Cute AND affordable?! Count me in!

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