Holiday Gift Guides

The holiday season is upon us my friends!  And per ushe, I’m so FREAKIN’ pumped! Believe it or not, this year I’m actually ahead of the game too (which never happens)!  Not only have I made my shopping lists, but I’ve actually already started buying gifts and crossing things off!  Can I get a high five?! Now I know not everyone is a naturally gifted gift-giver like me (sarcasm), so I thought I’d put together a few holiday gift guides to help get those lists goin’ for y’all.

I broke them down into categories for y’all too in the hopes it makes things even easier!  Now if you follow me on Instagram you already know my philosophy on shopping—IT SHOULDN’T BREAK THE BANK!  So, having said that, everything I’m sharing today is from Walmart Home!  The great thing about that is that you’ll have a great selection of gift ideas to choose from (from traditional to nostalgic and everything in between) plus you know you’ll be getting a great deal!  Oh, and you can even grab a few things for yourself if you’re the one hosting this holiday season!  They really have great, affordable options for everyone on your list!

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JORD Wooden Watch Frankie Series

Is Better Time Management On Your List of Goals this Year?? I Can Help You Out!! JORD Watch GIVEAWAY!!!

Before I dive in here, let me just start by saying, YES, one of you lucky readers will be taking home a $100 voucher to JORD watches for whatever timepiece your little heart desires!!  I’m so excited to see who wins!!  (Details on how to enter are included below😉)

Sooooo….with that said, maybe you’ve already heard of JORD watches, maybe you haven’t.  One thing you NEED to know right off the bat….they’re AMAZING!!!  Now, I’d seen these puppies floating around Instagram for awhile, but boy, lemme tell ya, I WAY underestimated them!  Y’all, I ACTUALLY put down my Apple watch to wear this thing.  That’s how much I LOVE IT!!! I can’t even explain the look of jealousy my husband gave me when I told him JORD wanted to collaborate with me!!  Ahh!! 😂😂  He’s a huge watch buff.  So much so that I ALMOST let him pick a watch instead of me.  Sorry Babe, not this time, lol.  Oh, and yes, they also have Men’s Watches too (do I hear “great gift idea”??)! Continue reading

Pottery Barn Gift Guide & Great Holiday Steals UNDER $50!!!

Hi Friends!!

So, as I’m sure you know, over the past few weeks I’ve shared a few holiday round ups from some of our FAVE budget friendly places to shop.  Well, as much as I LOVE those retailers, I also wanted to put something together for y’all that might be a little more “gift giving friendly”.  Not that giving (or getting) gifts from Target isn’t fabulous, BECAUSE IT IS!!!  But I know sometimes, for Christmas we try & step up our game a little bit for certain people in our lives (Moms, Mother in Laws, Best Friends, Sisters, Grandmothers, Favorite Aunts, etc.)

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